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Tony Largo, a native of Los Angeles, boasts a multifaceted career as a DJ, promoter, and producer, but he is most renowned for his pivotal role in establishing “Does Your Momma Know” (DYMK). From 1992 to present, DYMK has reigned as an iconic after-hours destination in the heart of Los Angeles, originally hosted at the Coconut Teaszer, a notable rock venue on the vibrant Sunset Strip. It gained fame not only for its diverse and inclusive crowd but also for its captivating blend of music genres.


Largo’s journey into the world of DJing began at the age of 16, and it didn’t take long for him to earn widespread acclaim in Los Angeles. He boldly charted new territory being among one of the first in the city to embrace house music, a move that would significantly impact the local music scene.


Largo is credited with propelling house music into the mainstream consciousness of LA. However, his contributions extend beyond music;  Within DYMK, he fostered a welcoming haven where individuals from all walks of life could converge, uniting in the profound shared experience of music’s unifying power.


Mark E. Quark possesses a unique ability to captivate audiences across radio waves, internet streams, and dance floors worldwide. He has illuminated crowds in the company of esteemed producers and DJs such as Doc Martin, Derrick L. Carter, Lil Louie Vega, Kenny Hawkes, Gemini, Onionz, Dan Ghenacia, Ivan Smagghe, Juan Atkins, Hipp-E, Justin Harris, Phil Weeks, Hector Morales, Mark Farina, the Wicked crew, Halo, Richard James (Aphex Twin), and Moby, many of whom count themselves among his dedicated fans.

Mark E. Quark’s indelible mark is unmistakable in Southern California’s legendary nightlife landscape. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of venues like SOMA, Playskool, and G-Force, and lent his talents to San Francisco’s heavyweight events such as The Gathering, Basics, By the People’s Out Of Sight parties, Stompy Dig In, and Sunset. Moreover, Quark has set dance floors ablaze with his own releases on labels like Hi-Phen (Belgium), Camouflage (US), and Facade (US).



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